Andy Zapata
I am a spanish creative producer based in Madrid, Spain.
My main field of work is photography and filmmaking for companies, creating their web content and brand look. From advertising spots, to events filming. The most of my clients are companies interested in creating vlogs or video pieces for social media and increase their traffic online.
As an artist, I love to travel and create adventure photography and vlogs. I've visited a lot of countries around the world and created amazing urban landscapes and street photography. 
About my portrait style, I am inspired about body beauty, sex and psychology, so I am an expert in portraying the deep world of my clients and elevate it to the fine art level. All my portrait work is related to emotional intelligence.
Currently I work as a freelance creative, developing several projects in both Spain and the Republic of Ireland.

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Portraits & Fashion
To portray is the act of knowing others and tell their stories. To talk about others with images requieres to work on every little detail like lightning, composition and a lot of factors which help you to tell the story of your character. My work is about sex and psychology using light and color as narrative elements and including objects as metaphores.
Filmmaking is one of the most important parts of my work. Especially corporate and event videos, interviews and advertising spots. To create and amazing video to catch your potential customers you need to transfer the atmosphere of your brand into the video piece and to share it into social media with the highest quality. In this portfolio you can find some of my video work. In these projects I have collaborated with different roles such as camera operator, director, producer, video editor or developing the whole videopiece by my own.
Exposición: El monomito del héroe
INAUGURACIÓN: 1 NOVIEMBRE 2019, 19:30 HORAS Bodegas Rivas, Calle La Palma, 61, Madrid. Metro: noviciado Del 1 de noviembre al 1 de diciembre de 2019, Bodegas Rivas expone mi trabajo: el monomito del héroe. Una ejercicio de análisis metafórico sobre la premisa de creación de historias sobre la forja de la figura del héroe, de Joseph Campbell. Las fotografías están a la venta en impresión enmarcada, ponte en contacto conmigo para encargar la imagen que te interesa y consultar precio.
Corporative & events
To elevate the level of your brand, you will need to show it as awesome as it is. My work is to create your image, to turn the philosophy of your work into amazing pictures and videos. Events, advertising, web content, corporate video... Every shot counts.
To collaborate with me in any project, let's talk about it! It wil be nice to listen your ideas and create amazing images together. I am based in the amazing city of Cork, Republic of Ireland, and I work around the whole world.
Adventure photography
Travelling is my reason to be. I've always trying to figure out who I am and find myself. Visiting faraway cultures, understanding diferent points of view and histories, knowing amazing people around the inspires me to create amazing pictures and vlogs. This part of my work is the most important and personal to me.
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